Resize Images

Tips to Resize Images for Online Classsifieds

When selling an item online the images are the single most important thing to get right but most people don't know how to resize images for online use.

Since most digital cameras shoot pictures with 4-12 megapixels which is too large for most online purposes. You should resize the image to reduce both the visual size of the image itself and the disk space used by the image. Large images take a long time to download and view and are often larger than most monitor sizes.

For online use, most images should be resized to 800 x 600 pixels. The smaller resized image will take up only a few hundred kb's vs. 2-4 megs.

The simplest way to resize your images for uploading to websites is to simply email the images to yourself as most email programs have an automatic resizing tool built in.

Here are 8 tips to help you resize your photos using Microsoft Vista, XP, Outlook, Apple Preview, Google Picasa and your digital camera

Microsoft Vista Image Resizing

    1. Double-click image to open in default Vista image viewer (Windows Photo Gallery)
    2. Click the E-mail toolbar icon
    3. Pick a size, usually 800x600 and click OK.
    4. Outlook will open but you don't have to send the email to yourself, just right click the attachment file name in the Attached section of the new email and choose Save As.

Windows XP Image Resizing

    1. In your My Pictures folder, open a folder containing the pictures that you want to send.
    2. Select one or more photos. If you hold down the Ctrl key, you can click to select additional photos in any order.
    3. In the File and Folder Tasks pane, click E-mail this file (or E-mail this folder's files, or E-mail the selected items if you chose more than one image).
    4. Next the Send Pictures via E-Mail dialog box appears. By default, the Make all my pictures smaller option is selected. If you want to be more specific about how much smaller your pictures will be, click Show more options to view your choices. Make your selection from the list.
    5. Windows XP switches to your default e-mail program, creates a new message window, and attaches your pictures to the e-mail message. Add the recipient's e-mail address, type your message and then send the mail. Using this quick technique to send your photos to family and friends soon after the event is a sure way to keep everyone up-to-date on your life without filling their e-mail inbox with large image files.

NOTE: If Microsoft Office Outlook is your default e-mail program, the Send Pictures via E-Mail dialogue box as shown above may not appear. Instead, Outlook may immediately open a new e-mail message with your images inserted as attachments. You can still modify the size of your pictures before sending your mail by following these instructions.

Microsoft Outlook Image Resizing

    1. In an Outlook e-mail message with your images attached, click the Attachment Options... button located next to the Attach... field of the e-mail message.
    2. At the bottom of the Attachment Options task pane, select Picture Options to view the sizing options for your pictures. By default, Don't resize, send originals is selected. By clicking the down arrow you can view additional choices.
    3. Select your choice, type in the recipient's e-mail address (or your e-mail to send to yourself), type your message and then send the mail.

Apple Preview Image Resizing

    1. Resize an image in Apple Preview, choose Adjust Size from the Tools menu.
    2. An Image Dimensions dialog box appears. Either enter a width and height (800 x 600) or choose a preset image size from the drop-down menu under Fit.
    3. Click the OK button. Preview resizes the image.

Google Picasa

Google offers a great tool called Picasa to manage all your digital photos. You can download Picasa for free here. A built in feature of Picasa is an image resizer. There are two ways to resize your image, resizing function or emailing the picture to yourself. Below are the steps for each:

Picasa Image Resizing via Export
    1. Open the image in Picasa.
    2. Click File > Export Picture to Folder
    3. Select Image Size Option, Resize to: (Enter size, usually 640 or 800 or use slider)
    4. Select Image Quality to: 80%
    5. Click OK and a new copy of the resized image will be saved to the selected folder.

Picasa Image Resizing via Email

    1. Select image in Picasa
    2. Select Email button
    3. Email the selected Photo's to yourself
    4. Check your email and save the new images.

Digital Camera

Most digital cameras under the image settings allow you to select different sizes to either take pictures or to resize existing pictures.